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CrossFit Autonomy, Highland Park IL

Is CrossFit for you? Yes! CrossFit is for everyone, of all ages. These masters athletes competed in the 2013 CrossFit Games. (Courtesy CrossFit Games)

CrossFit defines fitness as “increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains” with a program of “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements.”

The idea is to prepare you for anything life might throw at you. Along the way, you’ll become happier and healthier.

At CrossFit Autonomy many of our members run, row, jump rope, lift weights, jump up on boxes, lift weights, carry heavy objects, and flip tires. We use pull-up bars, medicine balls, kettlebells, and gymnastics rings.

But here’s the key point about CrossFit Autonomy:

You will never be asked to do anything until Coach Kevin or Coach Ryan are satisfied you’re ready for it. 

After all, a core CrossFit principle is to progress in this order: “Technique – Consistency – Intensity.” Many of our members start slowly, but are amazed at how much they can achieve how quickly. A recent email tells the story better than we can:

I am such a fan of CrossFit Autonomy!  I haven’t been so excited about something since I got my first IPhone.  The work outs are always really hard, but, also, so fun.  Kevin mixes it up so it’s different every time.  Even though I’m pushing myself like I didn’t think I could, Kevin walks around and cues us so we use our muscles as they should be for whatever we’re doing.  This is important to me because this keeps me from getting hurt.  

My husband and I do the workouts together and we’re a lot older than the other CrossFit athletes.  But, Kevin scales the work outs, so everyone there works at his own level.  Kevin plans for each of us to really push ourselves at our respective capability, then he guides us, and we have fun doing it.  Also, everyone in my class is so encouraging.  I’m just a beginner, and some of the guys in our class are lifting really heavy weights. I can’t even pick up one of them, yet, after the work out, we all give each other a fist bump or whatever, building a great atmosphere.  Everyone works at his own level, but yet, we all enjoy goodwill in our little community. Kevin makes all this happen for us, which is why I recommend CrossFit Autonomy wholeheartedly!

Kevin Houston and friend

Kevin Houston and friend

We offer group training class multiple times throughout the day. Check our schedule for full details.

Would you like to come in for a coached workout at an unscheduled time, maybe with a buddy or two? Chances are we can acomodate you. Just ask! 

Classes are limited to just 8 members, ensuring plenty of personal attention. What are you waiting for?

Call Kevin today at 847-801-9348.

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It just might change your life.