What We Do

At CrossFit Autonomy, we offer expert coaching in a comprehensive fitness and nutrition program that can lead you to a happier, healthier life. We’ll show you how to lose fat, gain muscle and improve performance.

May we help guide you on your health and fitness journey? Our small group classes (capped at just 8 members) cost a lot less than personal training. And they may just change your life.

We deliver outstanding results that win rave reviews from members who praise our “great atmosphere” and ability to “have everyone work at their own level.” One member emailed us to say she had gained “a feeling of accomplishment and happiness that I have never felt before.” And a 40-something couple sings our praises. 

CrossFit Highland Park, IL

Coach Kevin Houston scales workouts to your ability level.

Kevin Houston, owner and head coach at CrossFit Autonomy, will handcraft an individual program just for you.

After all, not all CrossFit affiliates are created equal.

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Here’s what we believe in.

Good programming is the cornerstone of our gym. We program five days a week. Classes will run Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Thursday is a rest day, but the gym is open and coaches are free to help with anything you need including making up a missed day.

Mobility is too often neglected. So you will work with us on your mobility during every workout. Good mobility is absolutely necessary to resolve pain, prevent injury, and optimize athletic performance. The human body is extraordinarily engineered. While people are born with this incredible machine, they are not born with the right software to run this machine. Our mobility sessions will give you the tools necessary to perform basic maintenance on yourself.

Nutrition is not as complicated as some people think. Junk in = Junk out. Kevin will work with you individually. He’ll help figure out what lifestyle is going get you where you wabt to go, in ways that are achievable and maintainable. Our basic philosophy is simple: Chase performance, and the aesthetics will follow. It doesn’t work the other way around.

Virtuosity is something we define as doing the common uncommonly well. If you can’t perform an air squat, how do you intend to get out of a chair for the rest of your life? Your coach will help you every step of the way with both simple and complex movements. We will share the knowledge. To us, virtuosity is a journey. Its pursuit will lead us to greatness.

Accountability is important. Even the best athletes in the world have a support system. Why not you? It’s a confusing, distracting world out there. We provide not only a coach, but a full community of like-minded people to come along the journey with you. We are always here for you — even when skipping the gym and eating junk is tempting. We may sometimes give you tough love, but it’s only because we really care. Everyone is human and we all backslide sometimes. But we will be a positive influence to get you back on track.

May we explain more at a free trial? Call Kevin Houston today at 847-801-9348. Or complete the Contact Form. It just may change your life.