Strength and Conditioning

Strength and conditioning, Highland Park, ILiKevin Houston, owner of CrossFit Autonomy, here with some thoughts on how Strength and Conditioning can help improve your sports performance. 

If you’re even familiar with the term “strength and conditioning” chances are you’re a current or former high school or college athlete.

A Strength and Conditioning program should be a key part of training for your chosen sport. A well-constructed program will enable you to gain speed, strength, agility and size as necessary in the off-season —  and maintain your gains throughout the season and into the often neglected post-season.

All of which is really at the core of what we do here at CrossFit Autonomy:

  • We use functional movements as a diagnostic tool to find faults, weakness, and inefficiencies. We then correct the faults to improve your sports performance
  • We use Olympic Lifts and Plyometrics to develop your power and core to extremity coordination
  • We use barbell movements to develop your strength and midline stability
  • We use interval training to increase your aerobic capacity, while maximizing your strength and power

Our program also provides body awareness and mobility tools designed to minimize injuries during the season.

Classes at CrossFit Autonomy are very small (capped at 8 athletes), so I can give you plenty of personal attention in customizing the plan to your own requirements.  You’ll get stronger, develop more endurance, and be less prone to injury. If you’d like even more customization, I also offer personal training.

Among the people I have trained:

  • Rugby players who performed at a National Team level
  • National Champion Wrestlers
  • A world record-holder in the deadlift. (She didn’t know how to lift at all when she started with me!)

I hold CrossFit certifications from Mike Burgener’s Olympic Lifting course and the Louie Simmons Westside Barbell course.

If you’re willing to put in the effort,  I know I can help you reach your sports performance goals.

Please call me at 847-801-9348. Or complete the Contact Form. Let’s talk!