I’m an Autonomist

At CrossFit Autonomy, we change lives: every day, and one member at a time. One of the best parts of Coach Kevin Houston’s job is getting heartfelt testimonials like these.

From Jeff Nathan:

I am 64 years old, and didn’t think I could do Crossfit. But I  found out I could. So I urge anyone to not be intimidated and give it a try. I had no idea what Crossfit was about. It’s almost impossible to get to my age without trying out different exercise routines, joining gyms etc. Frankly, I would lose interest after about three weeks with any of them. So, I was really not terribly enthusiastic about this. I did, however, check out some YouTube videos before we went and it looked quite challenging and difficult. So it was with some trepidation that we went to our first workout.

We have been going for just over two months now and to say I am enjoying it would be an understatement,  as “Addicted to Crossfit” may be closer to the truth.

The second best thing about Crossfit is that the workouts are varied to the extreme. One day we may be doing wallballs with sit-ups and dead lifts. The next we may be doing rowing and jump ropes and kettle balls, and the third we may be doing sprints, pull-ups and burpees. It is never the same, always keeps my interest and is always intense.

The first best thing about Crossfit is the coaching we get from Kevin. He is a fanatic when it comes to proper form for lifting, rowing or any of the different routines we do. He also is really good at scaling the exercises to our abilities. Since I can’t do a pull up to save my life, he has me do ring pull ups. Difficult, but not impossible.  When some of the younger guys/gals are pressing 135 pounds, I do 65. We all have to do all the workouts and with proper scaling (which Kevin pays strong attention to) it really works.

Kevin keeps the class size small and watches us through all workouts, constantly giving pointers and encouragement. He gives lectures on diet, weight training, physiology etc. on Thursdays.

I would recommend this gym and Kevin to anyone interested in truly getting into shape both physically and mentally.

From Jeff Nathan’s wife Lori:

Coach Kevin Houston (a.k.a. Keho) and Friend

Coach Kevin Houston (a.k.a. Keho) and Friend

I am such a fan of Crossfit Autonomy!  I haven’t been so excited about something since I got my first IPhone.  The work outs are always really hard, but, also, so fun.  Kevin mixes it up so it’s different every time. Even though I’m pushing myself like I didn’t think I could, Kevin walks around and cues us so we use our muscles as they should be for whatever we’re doing.  This is important to me because this keeps me from getting hurt.

Kevin scales the work outs, so everyone there works at his own level. Kevin plans for each of us to really push ourselves at our respective capability, then he guides us, and we have fun doing it. Also, everyone in my class is so encouraging. I’m just a beginner, and some of the guys in our class are lifting really heavy weights. I can’t even pick up one of them, yet, after the work out, we all give each other a fist bump or whatever, building a great atmosphere.  Everyone works at his own level, but yet, we all enjoy goodwill in our little community. Kevin makes all this happen for us, which is why I recommend Crossfit Autonomy wholeheartedly!