Frequently Asked Questions

What type of shape do I need to be in to start CrossFit Classes?

The workouts at CFA will be adjusted to each individual athlete’s capability every class for every athlete. We are very comfortable working with people with no workout experience, weight problems, or older clients who need to be extremely careful to avoid injury.

Conversely, we also are excited to work with high level/accomplished athletes who are looking to build on an already impressive athletic resume.

What makes CrossFit Autonomy different than other CrossFit gyms?

At CFA we independently owned and operated. We run our fitness programming in a very efficient and safe way. Our small classes ensure every athlete is getting the valuable coaching you need. We put a huge emphasis on recovery and mobility, ensuring that all the hard work you do at CFA is progressing your fitness and not running you in the ground.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a workout program which uses constantly varied, functional movements in smart programming routines to provide world-class fitness results the masses. It uses often high intensity routines involving gymnastics, cardio, weightlifting, plyometrics and kettlebells to help you increase your work capacity and transform you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Will lifting weights at CrossFit make me bulky? 

Absolutely…not. Our focus at CrossFit is to help you live a healthier, happier lifestyle. What we have found to be nearly universally true is the fact that a bad diet will make you bulky…not lifting weights. The purpose for weightlifting in our program is very specific:

  • Get Stronger
  • Improve Bone Density
  • Raise your Resting Metabolic Rate
  • Teach Core to Extremity Coordination
  • Strengthen the Core

What are Functional Movements?

Functional Movements are movement patterns we see mimicked in nature. The also have the following characteristics:

  • Multi-Jointed-We will rarely do isolation movements at CFA. This ensures we develop muscles to work in symphony, the way they are designed to. This lowers cases of injury long term due to imbalance. It also translates to sports far better.
  • High Power Output-This means we can move larger loads, longer distances, in less time…all the while with less energy exerted. The big advantage here, is with High Power workouts, we get results much faster.
  • Universal Motor Recrutement Patterns-This means the rules of CrossFit movements are engrained in the body. They are part of our DNA. You will find the reoccurring theme of Core to Extremity Coordination. This means you will begin with a strong core in all of our movements and learn to express that through the hands and feet in all sorts of ways to make tasks easier.


How will CrossFit affect my Cardio Training?

In short, yes. It will absolutely affect your Cardiovascular capacity. CrossFit is a GPP (General Physical Preparedness) program. You will get the benefit of improved cardio with out having to spend hours a week doing Long, Slow, Distance Training. You’ll not only save wear and tear of all those miles, but certainly enjoy the variety of our workouts more! If you are an Elite Endurance athlete, Classic CrossFit will adversely affect your performance in races, albeit while significantly improving your health and wellness. A specific CrossFit Endurance Program is required to ensure you grow within the specialty of your sport. We are happy to also provide this to all members.

What type of diet plan will I have to follow?

We do not require any specific diet, however we will provide you individualized Nutritional Guidance at your request.

Can I try it before I buy a membership?

Absolutely! We offer a Free Trial to every one who is interested in joining our community. Contact us today to setup an appointment to come in for a tour and a personal health assessment. (Click here for contact info)

I have an injury (knee/hip/back/shoulder/etc.)…can I still get in shape without making my injury worse?

Not only can you, but you absolutely should! CrossFit is designed as a functional fitness program, meaning if you want to physically thrive in the real world…CrossFit will get you there. Avoiding all movements because one or more parts of your body is injured is letting the injury define you. Rise above and come in for a Free 1-on-1 Assessment. You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain.

What can I expect my first few weeks at CrossFit to be like?

The first thing you will notice is you be working out in a way you’ve likely never before. This will require you to check your ego a bit, and understand why we will keep the training wheels on for a few weeks.

You can also count on being welcomed with open arms into our incredible community. At our gym everyone knows your names and will be there along side you to help keep you motivated and accountable throughout your journey.

It is common to be sore the first few weeks, and we will be here all along the way to help you with mobility and nutrition advice to help transition smartly to a smarter way to get in the best shape of your life.

Is CrossFit just a fitness fad?

CrossFit is a fitness system which has been refined and develop into its current form since 1974. The name is not important, the methodology is. At CFA we will always use the smart programming and the coaching which has made helped CrossFit explode the last 5 years. By whatever name you call it, functional fitness in a small group setting with great coaching is here to stay!

What are the rates?

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Do I have to sign a contract to join? 

No. We have no commitments in our membership. We will auto-renew memberships, but your renewal can be turned off at any time with a 7 day notice to Kevin.

Is it true CrossFit is for serious athletes only?

The vast majority (well over 99%) of CrossFitters are people who just want to spend a few hours a week getting in better shape with smart, safe programming. We do have the capacity to take great athletes and make them even better, but for the most part we work with ‘regular’ people who just want to look better naked.

How old do I have to be to start CrossFit?

We have 3 different class options for different ages:

  • CrossFit Kids (Elementary Ages)
  • CrossFit Kids (Middle Schools)
  • CrossFit (16+ years old)

Any other questions can be directed to Kevin, Owner and Head Coach of CrossFit Autonomy. (Click here for contact info)