Our Difference

What makes CrossFit Autonomy different? Just about everything.

We start with what’s best about CrossFit: the supportive community that encourages people of all ability levels to push beyond their perceived limits, as they become their best selves.

And then we build on that tradition of excellence with two special “value add” differences all our own:

Branford, CT CrossFit

David and Lauren Plumey

After all, not all CrossFit affiliates are created equal. We agree with Lauren and David Plumey, our friends at CrossFit Shoreline, who write of finding a good affiliate:

“Surprisingly, it has little to do with price.  In fact, we’d venture to say that you should question a “cheap” CrossFit facility.  Why are they devaluing themselves?  What quality are they going to give you if they are willing and able to “slash the market?”

Here’s a simple checklist divided into three categories that we deem efficient when searching for a qualified CrossFit gym:

1. PROGRAMMING: Is the program balanced or biased (i.e. all strength or all long cardio)?  Does it have a “one size fits all” mentality?  To be honest, this thinking can work when one first joins CrossFit, but as time passes, workouts will need to be tailored to athletes who have been present for some time, and others that are newer.  This will promote growth and decrease injury. Also, is there a sufficient warm-up in the programming?  Is the coach insistent that athletes warm-up?

2. COACHING: Are your coaches experienced? What are their degrees and certifications?  Do they have more than just a CrossFit L1 Certification and are they working towards continuing their education….A GOOD COACH should know and understand the movement standards, and they should be able to demonstrate this, or a modified version, for his/her athletes.  Are these movement standards explained, reviewed daily, and demonstrated before the lifting begins?

Does your coach have the knowledge to modify movements when you are injured, or does he/she push you to “work through” injuries?

Does your coach have a positive attitude with a blend of constructive criticism that will make you better?  No one ever improves from being told that they are always doing a good job.  You’re here to become better, not to be coddled.

3. COMMUNITY: Is there a motivational, positive atmosphere in the gym?  Is there good rapport between the trainers and athletes?  Is there camaraderie between athletes? Did you feel welcomed when you entered and inspired and accomplished when you left?”

Read the whole article here. We agree completely!

CrossFit in Highland Park, IL

Join Us! We’re waiting.

And then consider what we do here at CrossFit Autonomy.  We offer elite level coaching to members of all ability levels for much less than the cost of personal training. Every workout is customized and personalized just for you.  So you’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll achieve your goals. But let’s be honest. There are no miracle shortcuts. We will ask you to work hard. But Coach Kevin will be there for you every step of the way. And so will your fellow members.

No wonder we get rave reviews like this one from our member Thomas Kestler:

Crossfit Autonomy goes way beyond your normal workout experience. When I first joined, I was fearful of the high cost compared to my standard park district gym membership, but it is worth every cent and more. For around eight dollars a class, I receive up close and personal training sessions designed around specific workout regiments scaled to my abilities. I am surrounded by brand new equipment with a brand new facility employing mindful and experienced staff members that hold my best interests and safety in mind. There is an incredible family atmosphere at CrossFit Autonomy, filling every session with amazing and personable individuals of all ages that push one another through the most difficult WODs imaginable. Most of all, I gain a feeling of accomplishment and happiness that I have never felt before.”

May we explain more at a free, one-on-one  session, with no hard sell and no obligation?  We will:

  • Give you a tour of our facility
  • Provide a free fitness assessment
  • Explain our fitness philosophy
  • Answer your questions
  • Offer customized advice on what might work best for you
  • If we think we have a match, offer you a free one week membership before you make a final decision

Please call Call Kevin Houston, Owner and head Coach at CrossFit Autonomy at 847-801-9348.  Or complete the contact form.