CrossFit Open 14.2 Recap

Two short weeks into the 2014 Open, and the picture is coming into focus. Each athlete is already forming the list of movement they must work on more before next year’s event. I am so proud of all the Autonomists who PR’d their OHS and Chest to Bar pull-ups this week! The “Autobots” are in 241st place in the North Central Region, which will surely be our lowest place ever…as next year we will be making a run for Top 30. Lets get into the separate divisions:

Masters Men

14.2 Required 2 specific capacities, shoulder mobility and shoulder strength. This division was lacking in one…I’ll let you figure out which. The star of the week goes to Joe, putting up the high score, and pulling into a tie for2nd Place in the gym. This group will be significant better at this workout in 90 days…no doubt.

Current Standing (Week 2 Score)

  1. Matt Shaffer (31)
  2. Joe Arnstein (56)
  3. Rick Cozza (10)
  4. Ben Block (0)
  5. Jeff Nathan (0)

Masters Women

Where this group has the mobility, they are still developing the strength. Another group that will be much improved in the future. The highlight of this group is the sheer tenacity and their ability to just look good working hard. Jen Shaffer, along with husband Matt tops the Masters Division…but we still aren’t even halfway thru the Open so a lot can change still.

Current Standing (Week 2 Score)

  1. Jen Shaffer (10)
  2. Kitty Hawk (0)
  3. Suzy Schecter (0)
  4. Michelle Cozza (10)
  5. Katherine Mann (0)
  6. Anne Dahl (0)

Open Men

The theme in this division was all about wreckage. The workout takes on a component of Stamina for those who have the capacity to hit both movements. Most of the men underestimated the volume of the workout, but with all the CFA athletes only making one attempt this week, we all left with our hands intact! This week’s star is Rupert who hit it during a 3 hour layover for an International Flight, taxiing to the nearest box, skipping the warmup…and putting up a top 3 score. Also would like to give accolades to Ben for his persistence with mobility to gain access to his first ever Overhead Squats.

Current Standings (Week 2 Score)

  1. Nick Plodzien (132)
  2. Rupert Schneider (83)
  3. Kevin Houston (130)
  4. Ryan Clark (81)
  5. Ben Winkler (21)
  6. Shooter Kestler (10)
  7. David Hawk
  8. Warrick Bell (10)
  9. Trevor Wetzel (10)
  10. Stiles Anderson (0)

Open Women

Strong core, body awareness, strength and just pure determination led these women during 14.2. The Chest to Bar Pullups proved tough for all but Cari and Mallory, who both crushed the workout getting into the second and third rounds respectfully. Hang on tight as this division will heat up over the next 3 weeks.

Current Standings (Week 2 Score)

  1. Mallory Zimet (138)
  2. Cari Winkler (68)
  3. April Payne
  4. Kat Liberman (0)
  5. Sarah Arends (8)
  6. Margot Lederer (0)
  7. Sara Lederer (0)

Week 3 is coming, my prediction;

WallBalls, Box Jumps, Deadlift

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