CrossFit Open 14.1 Recap

Congratulations to 28 members of CrossFit Autonomy for competing in Week 1 of the Open! So many great moments, and almost everyone hit doubles…many for the first time!!

Lets start with the Team. The AutoBots are currently sitting in 230th place in the North Central Region with a score of 1644. Congrats to the Top Three Men and Women who contributed to our total. Nice Job Mallory, April, Kat, Rupert, Nick and Kevin!!

Next up, are the beautiful and strong Master’s Women: These ladies all crushed doubles for the first time recently and attacked the barbell with the nonchalant, “That’s not heavy anymore.” As a reward, I promised this group no doubles in the programming for at least a week. Huge shout out to Jen for overcoming a tough reality in her first attempt to end up in 2nd place with her 3rd attempt!

  1. Kitty Hawk-81
  2. Jen Shaffer-76
  3. Suzy Schecter-63
  4. Katherine Mann-62
  5. Anne Dahl-61
  6. Michelle Cozza-0

Now on to the salty dogs…the Master’s Men: This group is headlined by our oldest and longest tenured member-Jeff Nathan. He has been with CFA since the first month, and is certainly the athlete I am most proud of this week. His 18 reps on 14.1 is a testament to his hard work over the last 7 months. The rest of the men hit is hard as well, this group is as competitive as any other…and the winner will have to be great more than just one week.

  1. Matt Shaffer-195
  2. Rick Cozza-100
  3. Ben Block-93
  4. Joe Arnstein-44
  5. Jeff Nathan-19

Now the ladies of the Open Division: The young ladies who are proving that by chasing performance…aesthetics will follow! The big surprise here is April and Kat. Both relative rookies to the CrossFit game, but landed on the official scoreboard by being top 3 in the gym. The future is bright for this this entire division, but Week One belonged to them.

  1. Mal Zimet-308
  2. April Payne-218
  3. Kat Liberman-135
  4. Cari Winkler-126
  5. Sarah Arends-85
  6. Sara Lederer-49
  7. Margot Lederer-29

Wrapping up our recap with the Open Men: This group will be one to watch closely all month. Egos and lack of Range of Motion rule this division. The big shout out in this division  is “The Brit”, Rupert Schneider. Coming into the Open as a relative unknown, this CrossFit vet is out to an early lead by earning the High Score in the entire gym on 14.1. This is the most experience group of CrossFitters, and this will be a tight and fun race as well.

  1. Rupert Schneider-345
  2. Nick Plodzien-326
  3. Kevin Houston-312
  4. David Hawk-209
  5. Ryan Clark-208
  6. Ben Winkler-178
  7. Shooter Kestler-139
  8. Warrick Bell-130
  9. Stiles Anderson-80
  10. Trevor Wetzel-64



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