The Top Five Things You Didn’t Know About Ryan Clark

By now, most CrossFit Autonomy members have met our new coach, Ryan Clark. By how much do you REALLY know about Ryan? We assigned a crack investigative journalist — who insists on anonymity for his own safety — to reveal the inside story on “The Top Five Things You Didn’t Know About Ryan Clark.”

CrossFit Highland Park

Ryan Clark Displays Picture Perfect Form. (Photo Credit: Mary Radosh)

#5 – Ryan Once Traded WODs for Mopping The Floor

The Ryan Clark story begins with Ryan discovering CrossFit online while still a high school student. Ryan did his best to coach himself, using videos as a guide. But there is only so far you can get working out on your own on public playgrounds. Ryan realized he needed to join an affiliate. But there was a problem: no money. After a lot of calling around, Ryan was finally able to find an affiliate owner willing to waive fees in return for him mopping the floor and helping out. Ryan will be forever grateful.

#4 – Ryan Has Worked With College Athletes

While earning his Finance degree at the University of North Dakota,  Ryan spent two years as an intern at the university’s strength and conditioning department, working with volleyball, soccer, and basketball teams. Ryan also became CrossFit Level 1 certified and got serious about becoming a competitive Olympic weightlifter.

#3 – Ryan is Following His Dream

At age 22, and with a stellar academic and business record, Ryan passed up the opportunity of pursuing a a lucrative career in corporate finance. Instead, he is following his real passions: Olympic weightlifting and CrossFit coaching. Now an accomplished Oly lifter, Ryan hopes to one day represent the United States in international competition.

CrossFit Highland Park

Coach Ryan Clark is here to help.

#2 – Ryan Thinks CrossFit Autonomy is Special

Ryan has already served as a head coach at another CrossFit affiliate. And he interviewed at many other affiliates before accepting a position at CrossFit Autonomy. Ryan thinks the outstanding quality of coaching for members of all ability levels sets CrossFit Autonomy apart.

#1 – Ryan Is a Lot Like You

Ryan recalls “making every mistake in the book” as a beginning CrossFitter, including rounding his back on deadlifts. So he understands being a bit overwhelmed at the start. And he can help get you to the next level — by providing the coaching he lacked when he began his CrossFit journey. “This is where I got to be the most happy and help the most people,” says Ryan.