30 Day Challenge Winner is…

Trevor Wetzel is the winner of our very first 30 Day Challenge!

Before I go any further, let me give a huge shout out to Jen Shaffer and Mallory Zimet. They both gave a great effort all month with both nutrition and dedication to fitness. They are both great examples of what it means to be an Autonomist!

photo1Trevor works out at 7am most days. He joined CFA just before the challenge began, and showed up with a medical file the size of the Chicago Yellow Pages! (Kids, ask your parents what that means). After playing football like a boss for Stevenson, Trevor left for college at Mich St like an old war horse. Surgeries on most major joints already in his past…and seemingly his best athletic years as well.

Trevor graduated last year, and like most college students today…had heard of CrossFit while at school. After being bugged for months, he walked in with the perfect attitude. “I’m gonna be at this for awhile. I have a long way to go, and its gonna hurt…but I’m excited!”

Over the past 30 days, Trevor has lost weight and improved performance…but so did a lot of people. What set him apart is a few things. He not only ate perfectly clean the entire month, but he cooked nearly all of his own meals. In a house where he is the “kid”, he helped his whole family learn about nutrition and eat cleaner. Amongst his peers, all in their early 20’s…he took the strange looks and ridicule and stayed the path. No alcohol, wings or pizza on the weekends for Trev!

Photo1The payoff for Trevor is he know has significantly better range of motion and less pain in all of his joints. His recovery is faster, and his ceiling is higher. And yes…Trevor earned a Free Month at CrossFit Autonomy! In case you’re wondering, did Trevor enjoy his first weekend off the wagon? Yes, so much so…he was “sick” on Monday and missed class! That’s what gluten will do for ya. Congrats to Trevor and all the other athletes who walk around more fit today due to the 30 Day Challenge.

If you are interested in doing your very own 30 Day Challenge, please contact me directly to get all the guidance and accountability you need!